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Second Chance Refinance

December 28, 2013

At Payment 1 Financial Group we understand sometimes it can be hard to always make every payment on time. Every now and then a payment might need to be skipped due to another unforeseen obligation. A car breaks down, kids need school clothes etc. This is why we now offer the SECOND CHANCE REFINANCE. No other NM Title Loan company, Texas Title Loan company or any company that offers Installment Loans in New Mexico or Texas, offers the SECOND CHANCE REFINANCE. At Payment 1 Financial when a customer with a good and established payment history needs to skip a payment or falls a little behind we can refinance their loan and let them start over fresh. Often even skipping a pay period before they have to make their first payment. At Payment 1 Financial we not only offer the lowest rates we offer the best, most innovative loan concept available. Payment 1 Financial Group a lender that actually listens to it’s customers.

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