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Let us Pay Off your Title Loan!

July 17, 2012

At Payment 1 Financial we can payoff you current title loan and give you a new loan with a much lower rate and a simple payment plan.

Title Loans in New Mexico are way too expensive and very hard to pay off  Same is true with Texas Title Loans.  Typically most companies are charging $25 per hundred borrowed each month.  And that’s just the interest for these 30 day loans.  So, if you borrow $500 and have your loan for 4 months, paying interest only, you will end up paying back a total of $1000 before you pay off your loan in full.

At Payment 1 Financial we set up your loan on an actual payment plan.  If you borrow $500 after making your regular principal and interest payments for four months you will have paid less than $700 to pay your loan off in full.  Even less at our locations in Texas.

Why such a difference?  Because our interest rate is much lower than that of a typical title loan lender.


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